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Did you just see on Daily Show with John Stewart....

John Stewart had the CEO of Starbucks on so the CEO could promote the recent Starbucks announcment they would offer all of their employees a free college education.

This is a noble thing to do and I applaud Starbucks for doing it. Private enterprise is better at and should when able to provide things the government is horrible at. This will be a big selling point for Starbucks to make to gain and retain good employees. That is how a free market should work.

If you weren't paying attention though you would have missed that he also basically said he is against raising the minimum wage to $15, as they recently did in Seattle. Stewart set it up THINKING that for sure, this humanity minded CEO of the ultra progressive Starbucks would FULLY support raising minimum wage to 'something humans beings could live off of' and painted those against it as lunatics and dillusional.

It was pure Chubs porn to see the reaction when the CEO comes back and says he thinks raising it will have "unintended consequences' especially for "small businesses"....WOW that kind of sounds like exactly what Republicans have been saying forever.

IMAGINE THAT....this super compassionate extremely prograssive business man, still knows what anyone who has run a business or has common sense knows....raising the minimum wage with COST PEOPLE JOBS....the VERY SAME PEOPLE you always cry to us you're worried about protecting.


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