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This video is so awesome on so many levels.....

Listen....I am not the kind of guy who bashes the police. Generally, I think most of them are just doing their job and we should appreciate them putting their lives at risk to keep the peace every single day. When I see police officers out and they aren't busy, I always make it a point to say "thank you." I do the same for firefighters and veterans.

However, I do think that as with any human, power can and will corrupt. As American citizens, we should always be vigilant when the State tried to encroach on our freedom.

We also should take steps to REMIND THEM, as well as politicians, bureaucrats, and the IRS, that THEY work for US. That they have to live by the same laws we do. That no one in America is above the law.

Always be respectful of police officers and understand that have a tough and dangerous job, but know your rights. Call them out on abuse of power in a respectful way.

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