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Should someone tell Obama he's still President?

We have 60,000 illegal immigrants who have swarmed our southern border just in the last SIX months. It is by all accounts, according to both Democrats and Republicans, a humanitarian crisis.

The Middle East is ON FIRE. An Islamic State has been formed with the most well-armed and well-funded terrorist army ever waiting for attack orders.

Our economy has SHRUNK this year and there are still 90 million Americans out of work.

Our closest ally, Israel, is under attack by Hamas as HALF A MILLION Jews are forced to to live in bomb shelters. Full out war lies just ahead.

North Korea is firing rockets off it's coast as it moves closer to having a nuclear missile.

Iran presses forward with their quest for nuclear weapons.

Putin continues his push to bring back the Soviet Union.

$17 trillion in debt and counting.

And I could go on and on forever.......

And our President is in Colorado drinking beers, playing pool, and attending political fundraisers

This is not what leadership looks like.

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