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And now a rant about Israel & Hamas....

Ready....regardless of what side you stand on.....Israel has agreed to a cease fire...THREE times.....and each time...HAMAS keeps firing no one is saying Palestinians = HAMAS....but...they ELECTED a VOTE....and HAMAS is a terrorist organisation....HAMAS = Al Queada = ISIS = BOKO HARAM....they are all enemies of I dont care if you are Palestinian or Jewish or comes down to this....there are TWO sides....those who love life (Israel) and those who love death (HAMAS),,,,those who love freedom (Israel) and those who love tyranny (HAMAS).....those who let women ho to school (ISRAEL) and those who kill women who dare learn to read (HAMAS).....those who are on the side of good (ISRAEL) and those who are EVIL (HAMAS)....those who will defend America (ISRAEL) and those who woud murder every last one of us (HAMAS) why are we looking for a cease fire? We should be looking for the DEATH of all those who side with HAMAS

israel explosion.jpg

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