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"No, I’m Not Sorry for Supporting the Invasion of Iraq...."

Not even a little. You either fight evil where it exists.....or do nothing....and wait until it comes for you. Americans need to stop complaining about being "war wary" and "being the worlds police man" and realize that we don't get to decide when wars end......only thing we can decide is if we are going to fight, or surrender.

Great piece by David French on never apologizing for the war in Iraq:

"I’m proud of the decision my brothers in arms made, to fight against evil, to try to hold back the darkness. And I’m proud of how they did it, with great honor and courage. Even as Iraq collapses, I can look my children in the eye and tell them that I did everything I could do to try to stop the calamity they see on television. I’ll tell them the stories of friends who gave everything a man could give to resist the same evil that marches today."

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